Welcome to The World Funk Organization

world funk organizationWorld Funk collaborates with a variety of companies in the sustainability and permaculture world as well as a gaining focus on it’s directory for artists, production crews, and training workshops offerings given all over the world.

At the moment, World Funk LLC is helping build education programs and logistically position themselves online with Eco Future Development and is using that knowledge to create the powerful directory of permaculture & sustainability based courses, teachers, schools, locations and professionals worldwide on www.wepasa.com.

The Dream?

Start a series of workshops to build up to become a group of schools focused on free education, apprenticeships and work placement type closed loop alterntaive education system.

World Funk is the umbrella to help facilitate this sustainable future!

World Funk builds websites, sustainable brands, pushes it to the world through online and one the ground marketing as well as physically coming to build property, volunteer/work exchange and education programs to the highest standards and accountability.

World Funk helps process payments for these programs like it does for We Pasa – Permaculture & Sustainable Alternatives Directory.

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