Payment Processing for Eco Education – We Pasa is an example of how a United States Company (World Funk LLC, us!) can help international based companies recieve payment for there education programs.

We Pasa is a platform to list sustainable and permaculture courses for search worldwide. A natural cross promotion is that teachers, facilitators, professionals and consultants can also list their personal profile for others to search and hire them. We Pasa lists the schools and locations, when/where the training courses are and who is behind them. On certain featured courses We Pasa is running there promotion program to help find students worldwide. This involves collecting deposit when they register for a course on

The customers at feel comfortable paying World Funk LLC instead of other methods as World Funk is a United States based real LLC that they can talk to, in English if there are any questions or issues.

Payment processing for is run by World Funk LLC. Simple 🙂