World Funk LLC and El Salvador?! – La Tortuga Verde & Cosmic Cocina

World Funk LLC with the help of Eco Future Development spent 3 years 2012-2015 developing and Eco Hostel and 1st Vegestarian Restaurant in El Salvador, specifically in the town of El Cuco, El Salvador.

World Funk helped turn La Tortuga Verde into a fully functional eco hostel, with a thriving volunteer program (over 300 volunteers) while alongside this building from the floor up a Eastern El Salvador’s first vegetarian restaurant, Cosmic Cocina.

World Funk did A LOT during their time at La Tortuga Verde. The facebook went from 350 people to a stagggering 5,000 and more.

So many things were introduced to the property like a aquaponics system, organic garden, eco tours, vegetarian cafe & hangout space, vegan desserts, vermicomposting and more.

Besides physical our online marketing did wonders for there eco hostel. We built 4 websites to show there hostel, transportation, veggie cafe and community gathering spot. We did the facebook, instagram, volunteer coordination, communication with guests online, graphic design, hostelworld setup, point of sale setup and anything you can think of online. See Eco Future Development – Sustainability Consultants for more details.